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From There to Here: War, Peace, Pandemic - A Memoir

Comparisons between the 2020 coronavirus pandemic and World War II create a backdrop for recollections of the author's childhood, schooling, marriage and a three-year sojourn in America. The book is a prequel to Wyllie's 2012 memoir, Loving Andrew.


Eva Maddox: Innovator, Designer, Educator

Praised as a "visionary design theorist and practitioner," Eva Maddox pioneered the branding of interior spaces and originated the theory of patterning. This comprehensive monograph traces her creative journey from a tiny town in rural Tennessee to her own renowned firm, Eva Maddox Associates, to a dedicated branding studio with the international architectural practice Perkins+Will.

Bertram Goodhue: His Life and Residential Architecture

An architect of exceptional vision, whose work is still relevant today, Bertram Goodhue (1869–1924) died just as he was severing his ties to traditionalism and establishing himself as the leader of a new architectural style. This book enlarges our understanding of Goodhue, his work, and his role in architectural history.

Caltech’s Architectural Heritage: From Spanish Tile to Modern Stone

The campus of the California Institute of Technology was destined for architectural greatness when, in 1915, astronomer George Ellery Hale hired nationally renowned architect, Bertram Goodhue, to develop a Spanish-inspired scheme of "planted patios and shaded portales, sheltering walls and Persian pools." This set the tone for the Institute’s architectural future.

Loving Andrew: A Fifty-Two-Year Story of Down Syndrome

A mother recounts how the birth of Andrew with Down syndrome, and the loss to cancer of a second baby, start a family’s journey through the maze of parenthood. With the support of his loving family, Andrew mastered the skills of life and became a contributing member of society.